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White House Student Loan Efforts Continue



The United States government is gradually creating a solution to the student loan issue that many Americans find themselves facing. In order to improve the current situation, the Obama administration is giving Americans more options and is requiring that the Department of Education initiates new marketing campaigns to better educate borrowers.

The Truth Behind Store Credit Cards


There are mixed reviews when it comes to taking out a store credit card. Most people are tempted by the discount, while others avoid them due to the frightening thought of added interest. No matter your opinion, the pros have found a way to strategically overcome the interest and become a money saver while being a money spender.

Millennials' Views on Student Loans


Student loan debt is a common headache amongst many, however according to recent data, the millennial generation is undergoing the worst circumstances. Many try to overcome the debt while others are discouraged and fall behind on payments. Research has found that millennials share common views on the student loan situation and it may be fueling the problem.

Obama's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan


The Obama administration recently announced that the Department of Education has a plan that will allow borrowers with disabilities to have their loans forgiven. "A total of 387,000 borrowers are eligible for disability discharge," according to the Department of Education. This means these borrowers were identified as people who are unable to work towards paying off their federal student loans.

Maintaining a Mortgage with Bad Credit


Not every married couple has perfect credit. Sometimes one or both spouses have a bad credit history. This makes it difficult to purchase a house. However, it's not impossible to apply for a mortgage with bad credit. There's a number of things you should consider before applying. The first decision you will need to make is whether or not you should apply jointly or individually.

3 Questions to Answer Before Bankruptcy


For most people, when finances get tight bankruptcy isn't plan A and sometimes it isn't plan B either. Bankruptcy usually falls into plan C, when debt appears to have no end in sight. However, bankruptcy should be the first thing you consider if you encounter the following issues such as when your liabilities are overwhelming your assets, creditors are becoming a daily headache or a dire situation such as illness or job loss is affecting your payments. Below, you will find three questions that you should answer while considering bankruptcy.

Marrying Into Debt Dos and Don'ts


If you are engaged, married or in a serious relationship that may lead to marriage it is beneficial to have a full understand of your partner's financial situation. Not everyone's financial past is a happy one, but in order to have a better and brighter future, you will need to have a discussion with your partner.

Income Tax Tips for College Students


There's a good chance that if you're a parent of a college student you are constantly looking for ways to save money. However, many students and parents are unaware that there are federal tax credits and deductions that can make college more affordable.

Retired with Debt?


Almost everyone can admit that they have daydreamed of the day that they retire. Some plan to take trips to places they've never been to while others plan to relax day after day in the comforts of their home. What almost everyone's dreams do not include is living their retirement with a large amount of debt hanging over their heads. Unfortunately, research has found that older Americans are retiring with more debt than ever.

Bankruptcy and Divorce

bankruptcy-and-divorce.jpgMaking clear decisions during tough times can be nearly impossible. Turning to friends, family or advisors can help you regain your focus and help you choose the best alternative. Unfortunately, there is no perfect timing for divorce, however if you also plan to file for bankruptcy, you should be extra cautious with your timing. Below you will find some information that can lead you on the correct path during a stressful time.

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