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Fighting the Cycle of Debt

The average credit card debt in an American household is around $16,000 according to The Survey of Consumer Finances. Unfortunately once a person defaults on several payments it becomes a hard habit to break. Many debtors find themselves repeatedly bankrupt.

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Debt Collection Harassment | Parking Debt

Many debtors have experienced debt collectors' rough practices. More recently people have experienced their creditors 'parking their debt'.

Parking debt is the practice when creditors wait a long time to send a bill/notice, send it to the wrong address or never even send it at all.


Divorcing While Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a sticky situation, and divorce can be just as bad but what happens when both are occurring at the same time? Juggling a variety of legal issues under emotional stress can feel messy and nearly impossible. 

Quick Tips to Improve Credit Scores

Credit scores are one of the most important numbers in a person's life. Depending on the credit, a person's life can be significantly stress free and flexible. Good credit can result in making big life decisions easier, such as purchasing a home, or financing a car and even getting a job. Therefore when a person has a bad credit score it can negatively trickle into their life.

Student Loans Debt Affecting Retirement

Any type of debt can be painful and have severe consequences. Many Americans are able to recover from typical debts resulting from mortgages, credit cards, and medical bills. Recently a newer type of debt from federal student loans is costing Americans unmanageable side effects that can put retirement and Social Security are risk. 

Managing Medical Expenses to Avoid Medical Debt

No one can predict and know when an injury or illness will occur, therefore most people don't save for expensive medical bills. However accidents happen to everyone and with the unstable economy medical debt is on the rise. With the current conditions most Americans are just one major illness away from bankruptcy.

Cosigning Student Loans? Think again.

Student loan debt is rising faster than any other type of debt in the U.S. In 2014 it was estimated that 40 million Americans have some sort of student loan debt. With student debt becoming such a problem its impact is not only affecting students but others as well. The serious financial problems are beginning to show long term effects for the co-signers of private student loans

Things That Should Never be Bought with a Credit Card

Credit cards can be beneficial and helpful when they are used correctly and responsibly. When abused, credit cards can create a hefty debt which can exponentially grow overtime. The average credit card debt for Americans is around $7,300. To avoid any type of credit card debt there are a few guidelines and tips to follow.

Common Violations in Loan Modifications

With the economy constantly fluctuating, those once affordable monthly payments can become unmanageable. In those circumstances, people seek loan modifications to help reduce those payments. But often enough mortgage servicers make serious errors on loan modification requests. Down the road this causes homeowners many problems and can even turn into a wrongful foreclosure.

To take preventative action from letting this happen, homeowners should education themselves on common mortgage servicer violations and errors while applying for loan modifications.

Surrender in Florida Foreclosures

When debtors file for bankruptcy, they must address how they want to treat real estate. Oftentimes, homeowners cannot afford their mortgage and must file for bankruptcy and give up their homes and walk away from the debt. But since it takes a fair amount of time to foreclose, some debtors remain in the home.

While it is generally fine to stay in the home until the foreclosure process is complete, some people are defending state court foreclosure proceedings. Recently there has been some repercussions from debtors stating an intention but surrender the property in bankruptcy but who continue to fight the foreclosure in state courts.

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