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How Emergency Funds Can Save You Stress



Emergency funds typically sound like something that could be nice, if you had the money and time to save it up. Emergency funds are small pocket of change put aside just in case of an emergency. It is basically saving for a rainy day. It is said that two out of three Americans would have trouble coming up with $1000 for an emergency. People always save up for the things they want but forget to save for the things they don't expect. Having an emergency fund can prevent that stress.

Credit Score Concerns


It is very common that you see ads on television for how to check your credit score using this new program or how to get help if your credit score is low. However before even considering responding to those advertisements you need a fair amount of information about credit scores in general and your own personal credit score.

The Danger in Digital Wallets


Nowadays everyone is into minimalism. Minimalism is having less to do, less to carry and less to worry about. With smartphones, this dream is made a reality. Gone are the days one needs a cellphone, a planner, a contact book, and a wallet. With smartphones everything you need is in the palm of your hand, literally. Some may believe that having a digital wallet on your phone is smart because you aren't carrying around a small piece of leather with cash and cards that could easily get lost or stolen. However, digital wallets can be just as dangerous if not more.

Top 5 Reasons why students shouldn't be scared of student loans



Getting an education is one of the most valuable tools a person may have into proving a better future for themselves. However, every tool comes with a cost and sometimes that pricetag may be a little too large for one's budget. This is where student loans come in. Yes, student loans are similar to debt. Yes, student loans can be intimidating. No, you shouldnt be scared of them. Here are the top 5 reasons why student may be scared of student loans.

Discharge Versus Dismissal: What does it mean?


discharge- versus- dismissal.jpg

In filing for bankruptcy one of two things is going to occur. You will either have your case dismissed or discharged. While these two words may sound very similar, they will have very different impacts on your financial situation. In bankruptcy, discharge is the equivalent of winning the case and dismissed is the equivalent of losing.


Managing Your Credit Card

Credit cards seem like small pieces of plastic that allow you to purchase whatever you want and pay all the money back at a later date. In reality they have both pros and cons depending on how you manage your money. If you have a problem with spending more than you have credit cards can be dangerous, but used the right way they can allow you to build up good credit so that you can make larger purchases and borrow money in the future. Here are some tips for how to responsibly use a credit card.


Obamacare Helping Those with Medical Debt


You can never predict when you may fall ill or undergo an injury. Therefore, medical debt can sometimes be unavoidable. For those that are uninsured, medical debt can cause a lot of stress and financial despair. However, new research is showing that Obamacare could be making a difference in lowering medical debt for low-income Americans.

Class of 2016 Breaks Record for Student Debt


This spring, college graduates find themselves holding the record of highest student debt to date. However, there is some good news. Although student debt is at an intimidating high, research is showing that this year graduates are expected to make higher starting salaries. This means, students of the 2016 class are likely to pay off their student debt faster than the students that graduated before them.

Clothing Retailer Aéropostale Files for Chapter 11


If you've been to the Westshore Plaza, Westfield Citrus Park, Westfield Brandon, Tyrone Square Mall or any of the other 57 Aéropostale stores located in the Florida area, then you may have learned that Aéropostale is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Unfortunately for shoppers, this is not the first retailer to leave the Florida area in the past couple of years.

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