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The Gift of Investment

When you are out purchasing gifts for your children this holiday you may be wondering if there is something that you could give them that would greatly benefit their future. Liz Weston, award-winning personal finance columnist, suggests giving your child the gift of investment.


It is financially wise to teach children at a young age how to invest, because practice makes perfect and every penny makes a difference. Below you will find a few options on how to successfully teach your children about the value of money.

How to be Financially Responsible on Black Friday


Year after year people join the craze of Black Friday shopping. Whether you are out shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving or on the weekends that follow, it is good to have a plan to keep you finances under control during the holidays. Follow these financial tips to successfully survive Black Friday!

$1,200 Student Loan Debt Assistance Program


PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) announces that in 2016 their employee benefits will now include $1,200 towards student loans. With this new feature, PWC expects to attract the most talented recent graduates to fill their entry-level positions.

Obama Enhances Student Loan Modification Program

On October 27th, modifications to the Pay As You Earn program became law. Previously, this program was for students who took out federal loans after October 2007. Now, students with loans older than 2007 are able to take part in the program, plus much more. 


Five Fall Financial To-Dos

five fall financial to-dos pumpkin theme.jpg

Don't wait, the holidays will soon be upon you! 

Fall is full of people's favorite seasonal activities like pumpkin carving, apple picking, trick-or-treating and not to mention drinking pumpkin spice lattes! Since fall leads us into the holidays, it is good to have your finances in order for when holiday shopping is at full speed. Here are 5 things you should put on your financial to-do list. 

Florida Needs Closure on Foreclosure

For most, the month of August means taking a last minute vacation to the beach, packing an umbrella for rainy days and sending children back to school. This year, August provided an additional headache. For residents in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan area, 1 in every 527 houses was in some phase of foreclosure for the month of August.


Thousands of Corinthian College Students Seeking Loan Forgiveness

Corinthian College, a for-profit school, has been charged by thousands of its students for lying about job placement rates as well as the success of its programs.


Why a Balance Transfer is the Secret Ingredient to Saving Money

If you open your wallet, pull out your credit cards and evaluate each card you will first notice the credit card interest and immediately feel its financial burden. To ease your pain, you can and should seek a balance transfer. A balance transfer is one of the best money-saving options available. woman credit card edit.jpg

Student Loans Forgiveness Upsurge

Last year President Obama created an executive order aimed to allow more borrowers to use the pay-as-you-earn program or Repaye. The program was designed to help people with student loans repay their debt. Within the last few months there has been a growing concern regarding the economic impact of student debt across America.

RePaye Student Loan Program.jpg

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