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For most people, credit card debt is one of the easiest kinds of debt to accumulate. The ease of spending often combines with skyrocketing interest payments to create an overwhelming mountain of money owed.

An Experienced St. Petersburg Debt Relief Attorney

I am Timothy J. Sierra, Attorney At Law, and my Florida bankruptcy practice is dedicated to helping individuals and families free themselves from such debts and begin again. Over the last two decades, I have helped countless clients with credit card-related problems. Let me help you and your family with your financial problems by sending me an e-mail to schedule your free initial consultation.


Tampa Credit Card Debt Elimination

Through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, I can help you discharge your credit card debt and completely walk away from your obligation to pay. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your creditors may get a dividend, such as 10 cents on the dollar, for your debts.

There are only a few instances when credit card debt cannot be discharged. One is if a debtor intentionally runs up exorbitant charges on the eve of filing bankruptcy without the intent or ability to repay it. Another is if the debtor falsified his or her information on the initial credit card application.


What if I Am Being Sued?

If you are in the process of being sued by your credit card company, it is not too late. A bankruptcy filing will stop the lawsuit in its tracks. Even after a judgment against you, you can still file bankruptcy and have your debt discharged. I can also represent you and handle the details of the lawsuit for you.


Arrange a Free Initial Consultation With a Clearwater, Florida, Debt Relief Lawyer

Talk to a Tampa credit card debt and bankruptcy attorney to learn more about how bankruptcy may help solve your financial problems. Schedule a consultation at the Tampa, Riverview or Brandon office by calling toll free at 877-492-7449 or locally at 813-258-3455, or contact the firm online.


*We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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